Lift Truck Operations - Telescopic Material Handler (Pallet and bulk) (with and without stabilisers)

Telescopic Material Handler Training Photo

Telescopic material handlers are widely used for moving materials and goods. Without the correct training they can be particulary dangerous in the workplace. The Health and Safety Commission has published an Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) and guidance called Rider-operated lift trucks: Operator training, that set out the legal minimum standard of basic training which people should receive before they are allowed to operate certain types of lift truck.

This training course meets the HSE standards and provide learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely operate the machinery.

Telescopic materials handlers provide greater ground clearance than a standard lift truck and are used on uneven ground, commonly within the land-based and construction industry, it has a similar appearance and function to a forklift truck, but due to its upwards and forwards reach abilities it is much more versatile.

Who is it for?
The course is for anyone who uses or will be using a telescopic material handler in either the land-based or construction industry

This course has been produced for learners wishing to either complete Lantra Awards training or progress to a qualification in:

  • Lantra Awards Level 2 Award in Land-Based Fork Lift Truck Operations (Telescopic Types) (QCF)

Telescopic Material Handler Training Photo2 What will you get from it?

  • Identify the basic construction and components, and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges.
  • Identify and comply with manufacturers’ instructions in accordance with the operator’s handbook, other information sources such as load charts and applicable regulations.
  • Carry out all pre-use and running checks.
  • Configure the telescopic material handler for site and road travel.
  • Travel over differing types of terrain with and without a load.
  • Manoeuvre in confined areas using forward and reverse direction, both with and without a load.
  • Set the telescopic material handler in order to lift various loads.
  • Lift and place various loads within the full working range of the telescopic material handler.
  • Ensure load integrity and security.
  • Place and retrieve loads accurately at various places.
  • Place and retrieve loads from a vehicle bed or trailer.
  • Keep within safe working parameters.
  • Place the machine in an out-of-service condition.

Course sessions:

  • HSE legislation and safety guidelines
  • Introduction to the telescopic lift truck
  • Start, stop and basic manoeuvring
  • Operating with pallets and loads
  • Bulk and difficult loads
  • Rough terrain use

The things you need to know:
Duration: 1-4 days (depending on experience)

Delivery Method: Classroom / Practical