Safe Use of Pesticides - PA1

Pesticides are hazardous and must be stored, handled and applied in a safe and responsible manner. At BNG Training we know how important it is that people who apply pesticides are properly trained so as to comply with the law, be competent and safe to the environment. This therefore makes training essential and our Safe Use of Pesticides PA1 course will guide you through the key elements of using pesticides safely, and with confidence.

Who is it for?
Our one day training course is for you if you are employed within the Agriculture, Amenity or Horticulture industries, and if you are responsible for the storage, handling and application of pesticides. This course will help you develop your knowledge of health and safety and legislation enabling you to work safely and effectively out in the field.

If you are registered with the NRoSO and/or BASIS (NRoSO = 12 points, BASIS = 12 points).

Due to the use of pesticides, it is important that you are able to read and interpret product information in order to participate in this course.

Training Objectives

  • Identify those key aspects of legislation which apply to the use of pesticides.
  • Identify the precautions necessary to use a product safely, using product label information.
  • Identify, select and understand the maintenance and storage of the correct personal protective equipment for use with a particular product as determined by a label and/or COSHH risk assessment. Follow appropriate personal hygiene procedures to prevent personal contamination. Follow the appropriate procedures for dealing with accidental personal contamination.
  • Understand the correct procedures for the storage of pesticides.
  • Understand the correct procedures for the disposal of empty pesticide containers, surplus pesticide and washings.
  • Understand the records that must be kept.
  • Understand the situations where pesticide application may pose a risk to people or the environment.

The use of the Northern Ireland Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products and pesticides labels is stressed at all times to ensure compliance with the Control of Pesticides Regulations.

The Northern Ireland code of practice specifies the knowledge and skills required of a competent operator.

Safe Use of Pesticides - PA1 Training Photo2

Course content:

  • Definitions
  • Current Legislation
  • Interpretation of Labels and Literature
  • Personal Safety and Contamination
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Dealing with Accidents
  • Pesticide and Container Storage
  • Disposals of both pesticides and containers
  • Record keeping
  • Environmental Factors

The things you need to know:
Duration: 1 day plus assessment

Max no of learners: 12