Tractor Driving 13 - 16 Year Olds (Novices)

Tractor Driving Training (Novices) Photo

Tractors are versatile pieces of machinery due to the ever expanding types of attachments available for them, making them valuable tools within many different sectors.

It is important to use the tractor correctly to ensure that accidents do not happen, so gaining relevant training, and even updating your knowledge and skills especially as a younger driver, is invaluable.

Our Tractor Driving For 13 to 16 Year Olds training and assessment course has experienced instructors who will guide you through the training to make sure that you are able to use the tractor safely and with confidence, and that the key fundamentals of driving, loading and Health and Safety are covered.

Who is it for?
Our ‘Tractor Driving for 13 to 16 Year Olds’ course is suitable for all younger tractor drivers who are novice drivers in agriculture, amenity, forestry, industrial and horticulture industries. Our course will allow you to develop and expand where necessary on the skills and knowledge required in order to operate the tractor safely and competently.

All training of young people should be within the guidance of the ACOP 'Preventing accidents to children in Agriculture’. The full ACOP should be referred to. One result of this guidance is that young people should not be trained to use most PTO driven machinery or operator lifting equipment, so therefore the session on PTO’s and tractor mounted loaders should not be included in a course involving 13-16 year old trainees.

Tractor Driving Training (Novices) Photo What will you get from it?
At the end of the course trainees will be able to:

  • enter and leave the cab safely
  • understand the purpose and meaning of the instrumentation
  • understand the function of all controls
  • understand the hazards associated with some controls
  • understand reasons for daily checks
  • competently perform checking of the lubrication, cooling system and air intake of the engine, perform basic lubrication of the tractor and ensure the tractor is in a safe road going state
  • start and stop the engine in a safe manner
  • be competent in driving a tractor forwards and reverse
  • leave the tractor in a safe state
  • attach a mounted implement and manoeuvre in a forward and reverse direction with a mounted implement.
  • attach a trailed implement and manoeuvre in a forward and reverse direction with a trailed implement.
  • leave unattached implements in a safe state.
  • comply with legal requirements with an emphasis on safe practice.
Tractor Driving Training (Novices) Photo

Course sessions:

  • Preventing accidents
  • Preventing accidents
  • Controls
  • Daily checks
  • Driving
  • Mounted implements
  • Automatic hitching systems
  • Trailed machines
  • Field planning

The things you need to know:
Duration: 3 days

Pre-requisites: You must be a younger tractor driver between the ages of 13 and 16 in order to attend this course

Delivery method: Classroom/Practical

Max no of learners: 4